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Bad data, bad decisions – problem in the data warehouse?

For data-intensive organizations, we ensure that decision makers receive customized and situational reports and computational models in real time to make business-critical decisions quickly and without delay. This way you are always one step ahead of the competition. With our proven methods for analytics engineering and DataOps automation, the required data is provided on time and in the required quality.

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With our support and targeted automation of Datavault, Analytics Engineering, and DataOps, you can quickly collect and process mission-critical data with pinpoint accuracy to:

  • Develop new products or services for your customers to increase revenue
  • Further develop existing products or services in a targeted manner and make them more profitable
  • Identify potential cost savings and realize them quickly
Exasol - Analytics Datenbank
Snowflake Analytics Cloud Datenbank
Datavault Automation Software at 2150 GmbH
Data Build Tool Analytics Engineering ELT

Decisions for tomorrow, you can not make with a data warehouse of yesterday

Are you able to make critical decisions at any time on the basis of reliable data?


This is exactly where we come in, simplifying and standardizing. Supported by our proven processes such as Analytics Engineering and DataOps, your data management becomes a production line, which means faster data deliveries with increasing quality.


of all companies with modernized data management achieved more revenue


of all companies with modernized data management achieved more profit


of all companies were able to introduce more new products and services

Source: IDC Study 2020

Why it is impossible to make the right decisions with 100% reliability in medium-sized companies

The expectations of you as a decision-maker are growing: infrastructure and processes are changing continuously with digitization. The need to deliver clear results and make quick decisions remains a technological challenge for many companies.

Manual data management

Data is often still entered and documented manually, so it quickly becomes outdated and cannot be reproduced automatically.

Time pressure before decisions

Often, a time crunch results from the above challenges. Data is not available in the correct form or is available too late. This leads to poor data quality and wrong decisions.

The hamster wheel of change

Manual intervention and troubleshooting costs time! Often, due to the workload in the team, there is hardly any time to improve the situation. This creates a vicious circle.

Do you know it? Decisions of central importance to the company cannot be made reliably and promptly based on objective data. Die bThe existing evaluations usually do not have the necessary quality to support these decisions unerringly.

In 12 weeks we transform your data management into a well-oiled machine – with Analytics Engineering and DataOps

We enable you to collect, store, analyze and visualize large amounts of data from your business operations to support your decision making and better understand your business.

Datavault with Analytics Engineering and DataOps

Revolutionize your data warehouse with Datavault and DataOps Automation

Exasol and Snowflake are the fastest analytics databases on the market. We know how you can deploy the next generation of data integration in the easiest and most efficient way.

We reduce your migration costs. Hardware such as data centers and servers are not absolutely necessary and therefore no longer become obsolete. Manual data integration processes are modeled so that they can be executed automatically.

In certified partnership with:

Exasol Analytics Database
Snowflake Analytics Cloud Database

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Our satisfied customers

This is the Alligator Company

An expert team of experienced IT specialists with over 82 successfully completed projects supports you in achieving your goals. The Alligator Company accompanies customers with knowledge from over 150 years of project experience in the digital transformation towards the intelligent business of the future.

Torsten Glunde - Analytics Engineering and DataOps

My name is Torsten Glunde, I am the owner of Alligator Company GmbH.

My wish is that all companies will be able to deal with the rapidly growing flood of data so easily that it becomes the key to the company’s success. Studies show that innovation leaders in data management generate 69% more revenue and 57% more profit.

For over 19 years, we have successfully supported customers in data management (Datavault). We call it Analytics Engineering – because we apply agile software engineering approaches to data management.

In just 3 months, we can show you how to adopt our method to Analytics Engineering, Datavault and DataOps in four structured steps:

1. planning and analysis of the existing infrastructure

2. sprint zero implements our blueprints and methods on Analytics Engineering and DataOps.

3. knowledge transfer with workshops, trainings and instructions.

4. and in 3 sprints we realize the defined roadmap together

Thanks to our proven Datavault automation and with ready-made examples behind you, you gain time above all – with increasing quality.

Make an appointment now to find out with me how this can work for you too.

Torsten Glunde

Our team of consultants

Torsten Glunde

Torsten Glunde


BI Consultant with more than 25 years of experience in database and DWH environment. Data modeling, DataVault certified and familiar with ETL and ELT methods.

Benjamin Willemsen

Benjamin Willemsen

Senior Analyst & Engineer

BI Consultant with 22 years of professional experience in planning, selection and implementation of solutions in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Management.

Stefan Voigt

Stefan Voigt

Senior Architect & Engineer

Certified DataVault 2.0 Practitioner (CDVP2) and over 23 years of experience in designing and implementing BI & DWH solutions.

Christian Drossart

Christian Drossart

Senior Engineer

BI consultant with 23 years of professional experience in planning,selection and implementation of solutions in the fieldof Business Intelligence and Data Management.

Andreas Heitmann

Andreas Heitmann

Senior Engineer

BI Consultant with 23 years of professional experience in planning, selection and implementation of solutions in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Management.

Dmitry Petrov

Dmitry Petrov

Senior Engineer

My skills lie in the analysis of business processes, systems and applications as well as in the development of reports and (agile) development in the area of data warehousing.

Ilija Kutle

Ilija Kutle

Junior Consultant

Specialization in data analysis with SQL and Python. Knowledge of DataVault modeling and automation, and analytics engineering with DBT. Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development and GIT Versioning.

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